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Discover the best ski resorts in Slovenia and choose a undervalued destination for your magical ski holidays in an Alpine winter fairytale.
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What is Slovenia Like for Skiing?

The little land of Slovenia is often put aside in the ski debates at the expense of the larger alpine countries and their megalomaniac and excessive ski resorts. Be that as it may, we can find some of the most enchanting skiing locations in the Alps in this little corner of Europe.

Albeit small in size, Slovenia prides itself on many ski resorts that offer an authentic experience in a pristine mountain environment. They are easily accessible, less expensive than the enormous Italian or French ski hubs, and keep well-maintained ski slopes where skiing is blissful.

Let us take a closer look at some of the best ski resorts in Slovenia!

Slovenia ski holidays
Slovenia boasts some enchanting skiing locations

Slovenia’s Ski Resort Map

Explore our map showcasing the locations of Slovenia’s ski resorts. Each marked point represents a renowned skiing destination within the country. Use this visual guide as a reference to understand the geographical spread and proximity of the resorts to one another. Paired with our comprehensive descriptions below, this map will assist you in selecting the ideal ski resort for your next Slovenian winter adventure.

Which ski resort will you visit first?

Kranjska Gora Ski Resort

Ski track distance (per piste difficulty): 

🔵 Easy: 10 km

🔴 Medium: 8 km

Difficult: 2 km

Total: 20 km

Number of ski lifts: 14

Season and opening times: Open season depends on snow conditions; 9am-4pm (the resort also occasionally opens its slopes for night skiing during the high season)

Located on the slopes of the Vitranc mountain above the village of Kranjska Gora, this ski resort has something for everyone as a family-friendly destination. The youngest skiing enthusiasts will be able to savor the day in a safe environment while the experienced skiers might try themselves out on the FIS Ski World Cup track, all possible with a regular Kranjska Gora ski pass.

In case you are missing ski equipment, there are several rental shops that also repair any old gear you might own. The locals are well-prepared for the less experienced skiers, people willing to improve their level or even try a new sport such as snowboarding, as many qualified ski teachers work in the local ski schools.

Due to the village being very tourist-friendly, many bars and restaurants serve local cuisine next to the Kranjska Gora ski resort. Skiing for the whole day, only resting on the chairlifts, can surely leave you starving hence a visit might be in order. A cup of hot tea or chocolate on a sunny winter day sounds like a recipe for a day well spent.

Kranjska Gora sunny skiing day
Kranjska Gora ski resort is a family-friendly destination

Krvavec Ski Resort

Ski track distance (per piste difficulty): 

🔵 Easy: 7 km

🔴 Medium: 15 km (+1 km freeride)

Difficult: 7 km

Total: 30 km

Number of ski lifts: 13

Season and opening times: From the beginning of December to the end of April; 9am-4pm

If you are looking for a quick skiing adventure, there is no better option around the globe than the Krvavec ski resort. Located only 8 kilometers from the main airport in the country and 25 kilometers from the capital of Slovenia, it is a perfect destination for a ski break in Ljubljana.

The resort is also easily accessible by a gondola that takes you to the higher sections of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

The country’s second largest ski resort presents a first-row look at the many two-thousanders in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps mountain range and an as-far-as-an-eye-can-see view of the Ljubljana basin and its surroundings. One of the chairlifts even takes you to the highest point of the resort, the top of the Zvoh mountain, where you can descend on an adrenaline-inducing freeride track or take the standard maintained piste.

While the modern facilities and a kind personnel make skiing as smooth as possible, the park also offers ski touring courses and trips, snowshoeing, and night sledding. In addition, the bars and restaurants are many, and glad to welcome anyone in for a bottle of beer.

Krvavec ski resort above a sea of clouds
Skiing above the clouds at Krvavec ski resort

Vogel Ski Resort

Ski track distance (per piste difficulty): 

🔵 Easy: 9.5 km

🔴 Medium: 12.5 km

Difficult: /

Total: 22 km

Number of ski lifts: 9

Season and opening times: From the beginning of December to the end of April; 8am-5pm

Offering just as stunning views as Krvavec, the Vogel ski resort is perched above Lake Bohinj. Its location behind the first mountain barrier from the Adriatic Sea in the heart of the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park provides the most stable snow conditions anywhere in Slovenia.

While hitching a scenic gondola ride up to the resort typically means returning in the same manner, Vogel boasts a winding ski track down to the valley. A descent of more than 1000 meters of elevation on your skis. However, the run is not skiable in either of the two extremities: a lack of snow or the danger of avalanches.

There are no black (difficult) tracks on Vogel, making it appropriate for the less experienced skiers. If anyone is looking for a challenge, on the other hand, they should give their snow park a chance. It is among the best in Slovenia, suited to beginners and professionals.

The skiers are surrounded by an endless sea of white, as the Vogel ski resort is situated above the tree line. Moreover, the visitors ski in the presence of the highest mountain peak in Slovenia, Mt. Triglav, as it sits right across the valley from Vogel.

Being the closest ski resort to Bled, you can combine the two and enjoy your ski holidays in Bled!

Vogel ski resort hut
Vogel ski resort during the ski season

Kanin Ski Resort

Ski track distance (per piste difficulty): 

🔵 Easy: 6 km

🔴 Medium: 22 km

Difficult: 2 km

Total: 30 km

Number of ski lifts: 12

Season and opening times: From the beginning of December to early May; 8am-3pm

The highest-lying ski resort in Slovenia stands at an altitude of more than 2200 meters above sea level. Situated in the heart of the Julian Alps, the skiers are treated to mesmerizing views of surrounding snow-covered mountain peaks and even the Adriatic sea in the distance when the weather permits.

Since 2006, a chairlift connects the Kanin ski resort with the Sella Nevea ski resort, placed on the Italian side of the mountain. Visitors can hit the white slopes on both sides, crossing the border on skis. Among the highlights is the 5-km long descent from the Kanin saddle to the bottom of the valley where Sella Nevea lies. An altitude loss of 1200 meters.

The resort also has a snow beach. The management regularly provides entertainment there on the weekends. Additionally, the Prestreljenik restaurant takes care of the refreshments, with a warm meal and a cup of hot tea on hand at 2202 meters of elevation.

And for anyone looking for an additional dose of frolics, the town of Bovec offers some apres ski fun in the closing hours of the night. The Slovenian capital of adrenaline sports during summer grants respite to some and entertainment to other skiers during winter.

Kanin panoramic view
Kanin ski resort lies above an altitude of 2000 meters

Rogla Ski Resort

Ski track distance (per piste difficulty): 

🔵 Easy: 2 km

🔴 Medium: 8.5 km

Difficult: 1.5 km

Total: 12 km

Number of ski lifts: 13

Season and opening times: Late autumn to early spring; 9am-4pm (the resort also occasionally opens its slopes for night skiing during the high season)

Tucked away from the urban areas, Rogla Plateau provides a unique skiing experience. Apart from a hotel resort, some bungalows, and a couple of apartments in the ski resort’s proximity, there is nothing else to disturb the tranquil nature of the place. It guarantees at least a hundred-day long ski season each year on different slopes of varying difficulty.

Deemed the best ski school in Slovenia, Rogla is a perfect place for those donning skis for the first time. There is even a ski kindergarten and a snow-sledding run for the youngest. These are all reasons why families with young children favor this ski resort.

For those of competitive nature, a recreational competition track is posted on one of the pistes. There is a possibility of either trying to best yourself in a time trial or organizing a ski race with a group of friends or family. And the visitors willing to try something new have 10 kilometers of cross-country ski routes at their disposal.

Rogla ski resort sunshine
Rogla ski resort amid the woods of the Pohorje region

Mariborsko Pohorje Ski Resort

Ski track distance (per piste difficulty): 

🔵 Easy: 23.5 km

🔴 Medium: 13 km

Difficult: 5 km

Total: 41.5 km

Number of ski lifts: 15

Season and opening times: From early December to April; 9am-4pm (the resort also occasionally opens its slopes for night skiing during the high season)

The Pohorje plateau covers a vast area above Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia. Welcoming many tourists in the summer and the winter, it is dotted with hiking and biking trails, as well as ski and cross-country ski tracks, making it the largest ski resort in the country.

Albeit situated at a lower altitude than most other resorts, there is no lack of scenic views over Maribor and hills to the other side of the city. The slopes also lead through the woods, and the lifts do not get too clogged up due to the park’s size, providing a peaceful winter experience in northeastern Slovenia.

Furthermore, the skiers can try themselves on a professional ski track. Pohorje ski resort is known for hosting the Golden Fox race, part of the FIS Ski World Cup series for women. Hosted each year in January, it is one of the local events with the longest tradition, starting in 1964.

Pohorje ski resort birdview
Mariborsko Pohorje ski resort

Cerkno Ski Resort

Ski track distance (per piste difficulty): 

🔵 Easy: 8 km

🔴 Medium: 8 km

Difficult: 2 km

Total: 18 km

Number of ski lifts: 8

Season and opening times: Early December to April; 8am-3pm

Repeatedly awarded the title of the best ski resort in Slovenia, Cerkno has its slopes equipped with the most modern ski-lift technology. A quick transfer from the bottom of the hillside to the top is imperative to have your skiing running smoothly, and Cerkno offers just that.

Set up in the calm embrace of the forest, the ski resort is a swell display of Slovenia’s pristine woodland, which covers more than half of the country. The visitors can grab a bite at the restaurants serving local cuisine next to the ski slopes or relax on their sun terraces, enjoying the winter wonderland.

In addition, the facilities are family-friendly and children-appropriate, offering a ski playground to keep the youngest visitors occupied and entertained in a safe environment. There is also a ski school available and even a kindergarten for those wishing to have kids tendered to while they hit the technically more demanding slopes.

Cerkno ski resort view over Julian Alps
Cerkno ski resort with the Julian Alps in the background

Slovenia is an excellent destination for ski holidays

As an Alpine country, Slovenia presents an abundance of great ski resorts that you can visit on your ski holidays. Breathtaking views, affordable prices, good maintenance and organization, modern facilities, and hospitable locals all have in common.

Nonetheless, they differ, each offering its advantages and disadvantages. Find something that suits you before the next powder season rolls around.

We are very enthusiastic about skiing in our country and want to pass that on to tourists looking for an experience to remember. Knowing the local resorts intimately, we crafted the perfect Slovenia ski packages for you.

If you fail to find anything suitable for you, you can always get in touch with us so that we can attend to your wishes.

Helping you find your perfect ski holiday in Slovenia and experiencing the thrill of skiing down the panoramic slopes of the sunny side of the Alps.
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