Slovenia Ski Season

Avoid the crowds, poor snow conditions, lousy weather, and inactive ski lifts by carefully reading about when is the best time to ski in Slovenia.
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Although Slovenia is an alpine country, most of its ski resorts rest at relatively low altitudes compared to the ones in France, Italy, or Austria. Henceforth, the ski season varies due to the factors such as temperatures and snow conditions.

In light of recent times and global warming, the winter season is becoming increasingly inconstant. Consequently, predictions for any upcoming ski season turned into a game of guessing. Slovenia saw some long and snow-filled winters in recent years, followed by short and dry ones.

Cerkno ski resort view
The high ski season in Slovenia begins in late December and lasts until March

Nonetheless, some general guiding cues can help you prepare for ski holidays in Slovenia. We organized them in a text month-by-month, so you can carefully pick the appropriate time to visit Slovenia.


During stable winters, the mountains usually get covered with snow by the end of November. Therefore, the higher-lying ski resorts can open their doors to visitors, with the likes of Kanin, Vogel, and Krvavec among those. Nevertheless, that has not consistently been the case in the past years due to global warming and inconstant weather. Consequently, the start of the season can get delayed to sometime in December. The ones at lower altitudes then have to wait longer into the season for stable snow conditions to roll around.


The end of December marks the beginning of the high season for skiing in Slovenia. By this time, all the ski resorts are welcoming skiers to their slopes. If there is not enough natural snow, the resorts turn to snowmaking machines to ensure a great skiing experience for the visitors. The temperatures also get noticeably lower due to the least sunlight, placing December among the coldest months in Slovenia. Nevertheless, the time around Christmas considerably lengthens the lines in front of the lifts due to the school holidays.

Rogla ski runs
Well-maintained ski runs during the high season


The temperatures hit their lowest point during these two months. Accordingly, the snow conditions are usually the most stable, and the ski resorts tend to be full of visitors. But unless you are there on the weekend, it is not too big of a nuisance, making it the best time to ski in Slovenia. Do keep in mind that at the end of January and the beginning of February, another school holiday takes place in Slovenia, which usually means the slopes get busier again.


March presents the last cold month of the year and the eventide of the high season. The snow conditions guarantee that skiing is still possible at most, if not all, ski resorts in the country, but the crowds of visitors tend to grow slightly smaller. Moreover, skiers enjoy the most sun-bathed days during March, with only April occasionally offering more hours of sunshine during the ski season.


With spring and warmer temperatures in April, some resorts at lower altitudes, like Kranjska Gora and Cerkno, have to close their doors for the season. Meanwhile, most higher-lying slopes maintain their shape and enable skiing well into springtime. The ski runs understandably become slushy sooner over the day, especially in sunny weather.

Kanin ski resort
Speed down the white slopes even when spring is already around the corner down in the valley


By mid-May, the ski season in Slovenia comes to an end. Only rare ski resorts can maintain the snow conditions appropriate for quality skiing. The slopes get mostly abandoned, hosting only some opportunists and the most enthusiastic skiers. As a result, the resorts’ workers keep only some of the lifts in a running state while taking time to inspect and make repairs on the others for them to be ready for the next season.


During these months, skiing is not possible in Slovenia. The mountains lose their snowy caps and open their arms to hikers and trail runners. Despite that, many ski resorts leave some lifts and gondolas operational, opening their parks to mountain bikers, tourists, and other adventurers, usually indulging in adrenaline sports.

Plan your ski holidays wisely

To summarize, we strongly recommend visiting Slovenia for your ski holidays during January and February. The temperatures are at their lowest point during these two months, and the snow conditions are usually stable.

But knowing where to go skiing in Slovenia is slightly more complicated. Therefore, you can check out our ski packages and see if anything sticks out to you!

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